Fiat 125S Berlina

In 1967 the Fiat 125 was introduced as the successor of the Fiat 1500. The 125 was a sporty family car with room for four or five people. The model had clearly more to offer than a just an "extended Fiat 124". The three inch (eight cm) longer wheelbase enabled an eight inch (20 cm) longer body than that of the Fiat 124. The bodies of the 125 and 124 share many similarities. Both were noted for their almost angular design and numerous chrome details. The double square headlights make the car a really striking design. The Fiat 125 was remarkably fully equipped for its time with continuously adjustable backrests at the front seats, carpeting, reading light, lights in the trunk and engine compartment, intermittent mode wipers, two-speed fan, throttle and laterally extendable sun visors.

The Fiat 125 was equipped with a modern 1608 cc engine (90 hp, 101 mph or 163 km / h) with an overhead camshaft. The inlet and exhaust valves were placed under an angle of 90 degrees, the combustion chambers were made spherical with a spark plug mounted in the middle of the cylinder head. By using a cam shaft driven by a plastic belt with inner gearing, the engine produced a modest sound. Many modern engines still operate with this type of belt.

The Fiat 125 Special was introduced in 1968. The 1600 cc engine was revised at several levels. For example, the compression ratio was increased and the manifold had been given a different shape. This caused the power to rise to the then magical limit of 100 DIN hp. The 125 was also standard equipped with a five-speed gearbox. The interior of the car had a more luxurious finish. The appearance of the Special was distinguishable by (even) more chrome accents. The car achieved a top speed of 105 mph (170 km / h) and accelerated from 0-60 mph (0-100 km / h) in a then downright fast 11.2 seconds. In 1971 the Special was modernized. The parking lights and indicators moved to a spot under the front bumper, so the grill gained a little width. The bumpers were fitted with a buffer edge over the full width instead of rosettes. Larger rear lights were mounted at the rear. The 'normal' 125 didn't undergo any important changes during its production period.

This Fiat 125S was delivered new in Italy in 1969. The car, from its second owner, is in excellent condition and the maintenance history is present. The chrome of this Fiat 125S is in perfect condition and the interior is finished in black leather and red fabric. The car still has most of its first paint.

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