Auto Prof 2023

News 31 January 2023

Our Auto Union, Malzoni and Celica can be seen at the Auto Prof 2023 in the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem.

Classic Cars Lexmond

News 5 June 2022

With beautiful weather we went for a ride with our Multipla in the Alblasserwaard.

Race service car

News 28 March 2021

It is always nice when after a while you receive a message from a customer who still enjoys his classic car. It is even more special when he has adapted the car to his own style. These adjustments make the car even more special. Owning a classic car is one thing, but by sharing the car with family and friends it makes it a real part of our lives. This Peugeot 404 is a great example.

3 generations of Fiat vans

News 23 January 2021

The first Fiat passenger bus was the Multipla. This was succeeded by the 850 Familiare. There was a place for more people in the 238 Panorama. In the background is our 900T Ice Bus.

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16

News 8 December 2020

The Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 is one of the last true legends from the golden era of rallying.

Fiat 850 Familiare

News 30 July 2020

According to the brochure, there is room for 7 adults in this Fiat 850 Familiare. As a successor to the 6-seater 600 Multipla, Fiat is again able to supply a smart compact van with plenty of interior space. Put it next to a Volkswagen T1 and you will see. In number 37 of Corsaitalia again a varied range of Italian cars and motorcycles. For example, you can read everything about this Fiat 850 Familiare.

Fiat 900
Fiat 900T Icebuzz

News 25 April 2020

Yesterday this original Dutch Ice Cream Van based on a Fiat 900T with a Morrison conversion was put back into use. Filled with delicious ice, we would be happy to visit you in Gorinchem and the surrounding area.

Auto Union 1000 S Sport Coupe

News 20 September 2018

On September 14th, a special reunion took place at Audi Tradition in Ingolstadt. The men who built the Auto Union 1000 Sport Coupe in 1968 were reunited after 50 years with this special car. Read the article here in the German Donaukurier of September 20th.

Fiat 500 Ischia

News 10 May 2018

In number 29 of "CorsaItalia" the story of the Fiat 500 Ischia. Let the summer begin!

Auto Union 1000 S Sport Coupe

News 31 March 2018

In the May issue of "Auto Motor klassiek" the special story of the Auto Union 1000 Sport Coupe.

DKW GT Malzoni

Each and every motorcar has an identity. She is unique. She has feelings, history and a soul. Often a motorcar is a member of the family. We are enthusiasts. We name our cars, we recognise their sounds, smells and intricacies. It's because of this we believe in what we do. We believe in building motorcars that will stand the test of time.



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